Vtcoin has a bigger advantage over the blockchain than Bitcoin and Vtcoin is safer than Bitcoin. Vtcoin is better off than bitcoin doing decentralization in this blockchain database. At the moment Bitcoin's trading concept is decentralized so that buyers and sellers do not need third-party platforms, making transactions more convenient and secure, without worrying about their own information Leak problem. Decentralizing such deals can also reduce the costs of maintaining third-party deals for the long run.

Using Vtcoin as a system to be submitted by agreement can not be regulated nor regulated. No government or organization can interfere in the issuance and trading of Vtcoin by any means and the owners naturally feel more at ease and more at ease.

In addition, Vtcoin's trading advantages, the potential is also incomparable Bitcoin. In addition to features such as anonymous trading, Vtcoin solves the trading jams that have plagued the bitcoin market for a long time, dropping trading time from Bitcoin's 10-60 minutes to Vtcoin's one minute, which is much less than Bitcoin's handling fee. Bitcoin also holds an absolute advantage in terms of unit price. Bitcoin, which is close to 7000USD, can only be used for big-ticket transactions. The price of Vtcoin is more suitable for daily transactions.

POW mechanism

Maintain POW fairness   Avoid high POW costs

I am more than happy to see the workload as something you have to pay to people. If you do not pay anything then the workload is zero and the two definitions of POW are met in Vtcoin.

No one will be willing to spend money on making specialized hardware and consuming electricity if it does not pay off. Therefore, the difficulty of the block of Vtcoins represents the mathematical proof of the amount of labor that has been paid.

The conclusion is that if you pay a fixed investment in a competitive market, market competition drives the return of the corresponding workload to earn back the money.

Master node distribution mechanism

The master node distributes interest  Improve network security

The master node distribution mechanism is a systematic design of Vtcoin that is used to promote the robustness and high availability of the node network.

For digital currency networks, the more nodes in the network are active, the higher the security of the network is. The faster the transaction confirmation rate, the less likely the malicious attack will be.

Since the total amount of coins distributed is fixed, the amount of money each node can allocate is dynamically adjusted according to the total number of nodes to ensure that the number of nodes can be maintained above a reasonable range.

Vtcoin Development Fund

The Vtcoin Development Fund is a pool of funds reserved to support the development of Vtcoin with a total of 100,000 from the Vtcoin Foundation sponsors' donations.

The Vtcoin Foundation will build a Vtcoin mobile wallet with a guarantee of 2 million Vtcoin.

The Vtcoin Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the continuous development of Vtcoin and the promotion of Vtcoin applications. The Vtcoin Development Fund will be jointly overseen by the Vtcoin Foundation and Vtcoin fans on project expenditures and usage to ensure the fair use of funds. Vtcoin does not list any daily expenses from the Development Fund.

The Vtcoin Development funds will be used primarily for support:

public welfare activities

Social media to send currency

Vtcoin application

Rewards for people

Vtcoin community