The Vtcoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization, decided to do its part by using a string of hobbyists and top hackers, Vtcoin, to find ways to use the latest technology to create a platform for everyone Can participate in, open and transparent electronic money.

We focus on technology. We believe that digital currency, like any other technology product, must be constantly innovating if it is to continue to evolve. Therefore, the development team in the Vtcoin after the birth of time, continue to upgrade for the Vtcoin upgrade to make the technology and architecture more suitable for the actual situation.

Vtcoin is influenced by bitcoin, providing transactions for small payments, bitcoin for large payments, and Vtcoin for smaller payments. Vtcoin is a decentralized virtual currency co-sponsored by invisible money sponsor Wei Dai and major mines. Peer-to-peer means that there is no central authority to control the currency of the remittance channel. Instead, the tasks of these money transfers are collective management by network nodes. Anonymity means that parties to the transaction can hide their true identity.